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  • The following is a brief introduction of several different anchorage, because the requirements for various situations are different, so it is not possible to meet all the requirements with a single anchorage.


  • Precision machining technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed to adapt to modern high-tech. In recent years, with the deepening of my country's intelligent manufacturing, precision processing technology has made more and more contributions to the medical device industry.


  • One of the most important industries that benefit from precision machining is the medical industry. The medical industry is where safety, precision and accuracy are most needed. Precision machining helps create the exact dimensions for surgical tools that fit the surgeon's hand, resulting in more accurate results.


  • The feeding machine of CNC machine tool vertical machining center has a higher service life. The high-speed automatic feeder adopts one-way device friction transmission mode, so under high-speed and high-strength feeding, the service life of the whole machine is short.


  • During the first industrial revolution, there was already a shoveling process. Shoveling is a processing technology that will not be replaced by machines or automation at present, that is to say, it can only be polished by hand. In this respect At present, there will be fewer and fewer talents, because the workload is heavy, the degree of risk is high, and the learning time is long. Generally, at least two to three years of technical precipitation are required.


  • Provide the description of Aluminum Gravity & Sand Casting process and the services/Products that Auwell is able to provide


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