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Basic introduction of steering knuckle


The steering knuckle is one of the main parts on the steering axle of the car, which can make the car run stably and sensitively transmit the driving direction. The function of the steering knuckle is to bear the load of the front of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to turn the car. In the driving state of the car, it is subjected to variable impact loads, therefore, it is required to have high strength.

The steering knuckle is connected to the vehicle body through three bushings and two bolts, and is connected to the brake system through the brake mounting hole of the flange. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, the vibration transmitted from the road surface to the steering knuckle through the tires is the main factor considered in our analysis. In the calculation, the existing vehicle model is used to apply a 4G gravitational acceleration to the vehicle, and the reaction forces at the center points of the three bushings of the steering knuckle and the center points of the two bolt mounting holes are calculated as the applied load, and the flange connection is restrained 123456 degrees of freedom of all nodes on the end face of the braking system.

The steering drive shaft is composed of a steering knuckle and a drive shaft, sometimes with an intermediate support. It is mainly used to transmit torque and rotational motion between two shafts whose relative positions are constantly changing during the working process.

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