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Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal design options are very flexible. Clients can express a need for certain functionality and sheet metal materials leave room for many different solutions.

Single prototypes to volume production are possible. Contemporary production methods, like 3D printing, provide quick lead times that are well-aligned with the needs in prototyping. These methods are, however, limited to prototyping only.

Sheet metal fabrication processes are suitable for a gradual transition from prototyping to large-scale production. Making prototypes sets the baseline and expectations for larger quantities by establishing the required infrastructure.

A wide range of surface finishes. Those include powder coating, painting, galvanizing, zinc plating, etc. This allows many different looks but also provides protection in different circumstances.

A variety of materials. The term sheet metal only tells us the range of thickness. But nothing about the material itself. Sheet metal can be of all types of metals – mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.
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