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The application of the sheet metal fabrication

The processing steps of parts processed in the sheet metal fabrication are: product preliminary test, product processing trial production and product batch production. In the process of product processing and trial production, timely communicate with customers and obtain the evaluation of corresponding processing before mass production.

Laser drilling technology(sheet metal fabrication) is the earliest practical laser technology in laser material processing technology. In the sheet metal workshop, pulse laser is generally used for laser drilling, which has high energy density and short time, and can be processed 1 μ M is especially suitable for machining small holes with a certain angle and thin materials, as well as deep small holes and micro holes on parts with high strength and hardness or brittle and soft materials.

Laser can realize the drilling processing of burner parts of gas turbine, and the drilling effect can realize three-dimensional direction, and the number can reach thousands. Materials that can be perforated include stainless steel, nickel chromium iron alloy and Hastelloy based alloy. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, and it is easy to realize automation.

With the development of laser drilling technology, the laser cutting machine has realized automatic operation. The application in the sheet metal industry has changed the processing method of traditional sheet metal technology, realized unmanned operation, greatly improved the production efficiency, realized the full-automatic operation in the whole process, driven the development of sheet metal economy, improved a level in the drilling effect, and the processing effect is remarkable.
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