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Rearview mirror bracket pasting operation guide


The specific installation steps of the rearview mirror bracket

The first step is to wipe clean the adhesive area of the front windshield.

The second step is to clean the surface of the base, and evenly spread the base glue on the glued surface.

The third step is to apply the activator to the front windshield paste area.

The fourth step, with the pointed end facing upwards, stick the base to the front windshield and press for a few seconds.

The fifth step, look at the paste effect.

The sixth step is to wait for 30 minutes (you can use this time to complete the wiring or paste other vehicles), the glue will dry out, and the effect will be the best. The curing effect is better under the sun.

The seventh step is to fix the baffle on the smart rearview mirror, and fix the rearview mirror bracket to the baffle with screws.

The eighth step, push the base by hand to confirm that it has been tightened, and then hang the rear-view mirror.

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