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How to detect the air pressure of the cylinder head when CNC machining cylinder parts


(1) When the CNC Machining Cylinder Parts and the cylinder head is inspected, because the fixed bottom plate is all closed except for the bolt holes, when observing whether the cylinder head leaks, it can only be observed from the upper part of the cylinder head, which is not easy. Obviously detect the leakage point of the cylinder head. For this reason, a round hole with the size of the cylinder diameter is machined in the center of the cylinder head bottom plate. Through this round hole, the leakage point of the cylinder head can be clearly found from the valve seat hole and the edge of the injector copper sleeve. 

(2) Install a pressure reducing valve before testing the air pressure to the cylinder head. By controlling this pressure reducing valve, the detected air pressure can reach the required pressure value and at the same time make it stable. This is easy to control and can also play a role in safety protection for the inspectors. 

(3) In the process of testing, install the injector in the copper sleeve of the injector (the torque of fixing the injector bolt is the same as the torque of the tightening bolt of the injector when the engine is assembled), so that the cylinder head is installed in It is the same on the engine. In this way, the test is performed under the specified test pressure, and the test result is more realistic.

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