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What is high pressure die casting?

How does the high pressure die casting process work?
In the high pressure die casting process, molten metal or metal alloy is injected into the mold at high speed and pressure.The horizontal high pressure die casting machine ensures that the mold is completely closed. These are evaluated based on the clamping force they can exert, which ranges from 550 to 5700 tons for Italpresse Gauss equipment.Depending on the metal used, the injection unit that fills the mold can be a hot chamber or a cold chamber. In hot chamber die casting, the metal is held in the die casting machine, and then sucked into the chamber by the injection piston and pressed into the mold. These parts of the equipment are in constant contact with molten metal.In the cold chamber process, the metal is first melted in a separate furnace and transferred to the holding furnace, then poured into the injection chamber and injected into the mold. Italpresse Gauss offers a variety of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines.

Advantages of high pressure die casting process
High-pressure die-casting technology can produce very large light alloy parts in large quantities and at high speed.These equipment can provide light alloy parts with high precision, excellent surface finish, excellent uniformity and best mechanical properties.The high-pressure die-casting process can also produce thin-walled components and "co-cast" parts with different types of inserts, such as screws and gaskets, which later become part of the product itself. 

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