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The precision of CNC machine tools is so high, why do we need shoveling?

During the first industrial revolution, there was already a shoveling process. Shoveling is a processing technology that will not be replaced by machines or automation at present, that is to say, it can only be polished by hand. In this respect At present, there will be fewer and fewer talents, because the workload is heavy, the degree of risk is high, and the learning time is long. Generally, at least two to three years of technical precipitation are required.

There may be some people who don’t know much about shoveling. Shoveling is the process of straightening, flattening and evenly shoveling the bonding surfaces of two moving parts of the machine. When the CNC track slides, the point lines and surfaces formed by shoveling help the machine to move precisely. , and also let the lubricating oil play an intermediary function, avoid early wear and reduce the life of the machine. Ten people of the same height can share the weight evenly by supporting the door panel. The key to good or bad lies in reliability, the key to reliability is precision, and the key to precision is shoveling. The reason why shoveling can beat the precision of the machine by hand is that there is no problem of thermal deformation. When the CNC track slides, the point-line surface formed by scraping can help the machine to move precisely, and it can also allow the lubricating oil to perform its best function, preventing premature wear and tear and reducing the life of the machine.

The highest and lowest gap between the shoveled rails may be only 0.01mm, or it may be 1mm. It is uneven. If the force is the same, the shoveled surface will not be flat at all. Therefore, the force of each knife should not be different. Shoveling Flowers are not like ordinary artwork sculptures, as long as one part is not done properly, it will affect the accuracy of other places. In addition, there is not only one surface to be shoveled, but many, and these surfaces must be shoveled accurately at the same time, which further increases the difficulty. The part that has been spent by shoveling can only be dug, but not repaired. Once the shoveling is wrong, you have to start all over again, and the rest is tantamount to doing nothing. This is its difficulty.